Smart Phone Repair

Smart Phone Repair

Professional Smart Phone Repair in Jacksonville, Texas.

Wireless Solutions in Jacksonville, Texas is your one stop shop for all things smart phone. From cracked glass to charging issues and battery replacement, our specialists are experts at smart phone repair. We understand how important your smart phone is and for that reason we stock parts for our most common repairs. including: Screen Repair, Battery Replacement, Charge Port Repair and many more.

Wireless Solutions provides smart phone repair services for all major brands including: Apple®, Samsung, Sony, Motorola, LG, Nokia, Blackberry, HTC, ZTE and many others.

Expert Technicians.   High Quality Parts.   Phone Repair Guarantee.

Our specialists are trained to work on your phone from micro-soldering to water damage repairs so we’re prepared to solve any issue that you encounter. Using only high quality replacement parts and years of experience ensures your smart phone is left in good hands and that all repairs are completed to the highest standards. And to top it off, all of our Premium and iPhone® screen repairs come with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE. Now that’s Quality you can count on!

Next time you you need a screen repair or have other issue with your smart phone, drop by Wireless Solutions and we’ll quickly have your device repaired and functioning properly.

We look forward to the opportunity to serve you as your smart phone repair shop.

Smart Phone Repair Jacksonville Texas

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Some of our most common smart phone repair services include:

Screen Repair

Some or all of your phone screen or LCD has dead or broken sections. This will most likely look like “Ink Spots” under the glass.

Digitizer / Touch Screen Replacement

Some or all of your phone screen is unresponsive when you touch it. Sometimes this is experienced when you have to tap or swipe your screen several times to open an app.

Ear Speaker Replacement

Low volume and or Cracking sounds while on a phone call and not on Loud Speaker. If a volume issue is consistent, a failing ear speaker is the most likely cause.

Loud Speaker Repair

Low volume and or Cracking audio while on a phone call or listening to music or watching videos. If this only happens on a small number of occasions, it is possible there could be a connection or network issue instead of hardware.

Glass Replacement

Your LCD is working but the glass is cracked, shattered or missing pieces. Be cautious with broken glass!

Battery Replacement

Battery drains quickly, charge level changes erratically or phone dies when battery shows it has charge. Failing phone batteries are a fire hazard and should be replaced immediately.

Charging Port Repair

Phone will not charge or doesn’t charge consistently. The most common symptom of this is having to hold your cable just right to charge your phone.

Camera Repair

Your front or rear facing camera isn’t functioning correctly or is taking blurry/fuzzy photos. Sometimes your phone camera can be slow to start. However, that is sometimes a software issue rather than your camera failing.

Not as common, but we still permorm several of these repairs each week.

Proximity Sensor

Screen does not black out while on call and the phone is at your ear.


People always have trouble hearing you on a phone call and there is no debris near microphone.

Audio Jack

Poor sound quality in headphones or headset. This can be a crackle or volume jumping erratically.

Bent Frame

Bent frame that prevents the proper use of buttons and or pushes phone screen assembly out of place.

Poor / Intermittent WiFi

Wifi connection is intermittent or absent where you should otherwise have a strong signal. (Sometimes this is an issue with your network rather than your phone.)

Back Glass / Plate

Cracked or missing glass on back of phone. Be cautious with broken glass!

Home Button / Volume / Power

Home, volume and power buttons stick or are unresponsive and there is no debris near the button.

Vibrate Motor

Phone does not vibrate when set to vibrate rather than silent. If vibrate isn’t disabled, this is most likely a failing motor.

Sim Card Reader

Phone is always unable to read SIM card. Your phone will almost always notify you if it can’t read the SIM.

Poor / Intermittent Cellular Signal

Cellular signal is intermittent or absent where you should otherwise have a strong signal. (Sometimes this is an issue with your network rather than your phone.)